Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking

Departs: 8:00 AM
Minimum: 2 People
Price: $70
Length: approx. 5 – 6 hours
Type: Standard
Difficulty: Difficult

Tour Itinerary

Departing after breakfast we proceed through Hopkins Village and connect with the Southern Highway

We then head towards the Maya Mountains, visible in the distance. Orange groves turn to banana plantations, which give way to dense tropical rainforest.

Once at our destination, your guide will lead you briefly through the ruins site, which has several ceremonial mounds as well as an ancient ball court. We then traverse Silk Grass Creek and venture into the jungle.
Note: Mayflower has not been fully excavated, although Tulane and Yale Universities have begun this process.

The hike to Antelope Falls is truly worth the effort, as you be amongst the first non-Mayans to see this spectacular waterfall.The falls drop some 100 feet from above your head, and cascade down a massive rock face, forming small pools ideal for swimming. A steep trail leads to the top of the falls, and from this vantage point the views over the jungle and out to the sea are truly breathtaking. Here you will find yet another beautiful pool, ideal for swimming.

Feel free to continue on your own further upstream, where you will find countless more pools and waterfalls.

After admiring the falls and its peaceful ambiance, we head back down Silk Grass Creek. We then head back to the lodge for a late lunch.

Don’t forget to bring: bug repellent, hat, long pants, swimsuit, towel, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes and a spirit of adventure.
Moderate ( Bocawina Falls ) Difficult ( Antelope Falls )