Glovers Reef Snorkel

Explore Over 800 Coral Formations

Departs: 8:00 AM – weather permitting
Minimum: 10 People
Price: $140
Length: approx. 6-8 hours
Type: Premium
Difficulty: Moderate

Tour Itinerary

In the million sq. miles that the Caribbean Sea covers there are only 4 coral atolls (seamounts), 3 of these atolls are in Belize’s waters: Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Turneffe Atoll and Glovers Reef. Perhaps the finest example of a coral atoll, Glovers Reef is located in reasonably close proximity of the lodge (about 30 miles offshore). So amazing and pristine is this atoll that it was recently declared a World Heritage Site! The atoll is about 15 miles long and 6 miles wide and is one of Belize’s most exceptional and isolated destinations.

On calm days we are able to safely access the atoll and provide guests with fantastic scenery and awesome snorkeling amongst the miles of reef which outline this coral atoll. Glovers contains within its coral walls over 800 massive coral formations, many of which provide great snorkeling opportunities. The center of the atoll is a calm and beautiful lagoon with shallow water, teeming with marine life.

This island is one of the best spots for kayaking, snorkeling, diving and sailing. The colorful fish that inhabit the atoll are plentiful and leave you with a sense of awe and wonder!

Your trip will include lunch on one of the small islands on the atoll and then continues with underwater exploration of the brightly colored and richly textured reef system.