Environmental Policy

Let's Go Green at Jaguar Reef Lodge!

Our goal is to reduce our use of fossil fuels both in our day to day activities and in the products we use. We have therefore set the goal of reducing our vehicle energy use by 10% in 2008. We have already replaced several of our vehicles with diesel fuel, and bought larger vehicles to reduce the number of vehicles used. We plan in 2008 to continue this program, to look for opportunities to reduce our energy use including reducing the numbers of trips we take for shopping, combining these trips with other activities wherever possible.

Plastics and the Environment
We recognize that long term use of plastics made from fossil fuels is also unsustainable and so have initiated a program to assess where we could use alternate products where possible. This will cover simple initiatives such as replacing our use of plastic straws, and programs that move towards reusable alternatives, such as reusable ice packs, as well as a full review of the options and alternatives that might be available to us.

We understand the impact that our use of water has on the environment, both in terms of waste of a natural resource as well as the energy used to bring water to our resort and guests. We are reviewing our use of water and plan to initiate programs which will hopefully reduce our water usage by 20% over the next three years through non essential use (such as limiting our water usage in laundry and dish washing areas, and vehicle cleaning through not using running water). We will also be encouraging our guests to conserve water in their daily activities and encourage them to participate in programs to reuse sheets and towels when appropriate rather than sending them to daily laundry.

Chemicals and the Environment
We continually assess our use of toxic chemicals and try whenever possible to implement programs that reduce our use of toxic materials. This involves us carefully assessing our use of pesticides and herbicides, ensuring we use biodegradable washing powder and dish detergent, and again looking for any opportunity to replace toxic ingredients with more benign options.

Waste Management
We recognize that waste management is a continuing problem in developing countries where there is no infrastructure to recycle effectively. We are implementing a program to separate our biodegradable waste at source, providing useful compost material. We will also be investigating the viability of collecting paper for recycling, and ensuring that our own purchases, wherever possible include recycled content. We also understand the reduce, reuse, recycle hierarchy, and are looking at all opportunities to reduce waste by seeking to repair broken machines and small appliances, and find opportunities to reuse or pass on materials that can find a useful home in a country where almost all manufactured goods have to be imported.