Birds of Paradise Birdwatching

Over 300 Species in Belize

Departs: 6:00 AM
Minimum: 8 People
Price: $70
Length: Approx. 3-4 hours
Type: Standard
Difficulty: Easy

Tour Itinerary

With over 300 bird species found in the country, Belize is known as the birders paradise! This tour is specifically designed to enable you to view as many local bird species as possible.

We depart the Lodge quite early in the morning as this is always the best time to view birds. The first part of the tour takes you towards Sittee River Village where stops will be made once we encounter interesting birds. Once the land portion of the tour is completed we will board a boat and begin the river portion of the tour. Not only will you be able to see more bird species but also iguanas, sunning themselves on tree limbs hanging over the water; crocodiles idling peacefully in the warm river currents; and many more tropical birds of every description, fluttering past the towering mangrove forest. You will also learn about the mangroves which so important to our eco-system. The black Mangroves that grow along the banks of the Sittee River are believed to be some of the oldest on earth.

Note: bird list available at front desk.

Don’t forget to bring: bug repellent, hat, binoculars, camera.