Bioluminescence Tour

Departs: 8:30 PM
Minimum: 4 People
Price: $50
Length: Approx. 2 hours
Type: Standard (Seasonal-Between December to June)
Difficulty: Easy

Tour Itinerary

     An evening boat tour to experience one of the natural wonders of Belize!  This tour takes you through a jungle tunnel and mangroves directly into Anderson Lagoon, where you will experience the magic of Bioluminescence at its finest.

During the dry Season, bioluminescent dinoflagellates increase in concentration as the lagoon becomes saltier.  When water is physically disturbed, these marine protists cause the lagoon to glow a brilliant cyan!

It seems the water is alive with neon lights.  Experience fishes darting around the boat glowing bright neon green and travel through schools of jellyfish all aglow!

It is a truly amazing adventure. You’ve got to see it, to believe it!

What To Wear and Bring: Casual & comfortable clothes and an open heart for adventure to experience one of the most picturesque works of nature.

“I knew absolutely nothing about the burning water. I’d never heard a peep about this trip. But at 7pm, I made my way over to Jaguar Reef Lodge Front Desk – they arrange for guests to go out on this very cool lagoon. About 12 of us loaded into a van and set off for the 10 minute ride to the Sittee River Marina.

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