Belize Diving

One of the World's Top Dive Sites

Diving in Belize is quite the experience! It is a world of excitement and wonder in the lush Caribbean Sea. The Belize Barrier Reef System is more than 185 miles long, is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere and is the longest unbroken barrier reef in the world. It is home to an astounding variety of coral reef formations including walls, pinnacles, spur and groove, and ‘swim throughs’.

Farther offshore are three enormous rings of coral known as atolls which provide hundreds of miles of additional diving opportunities. The closest of these is Glover’s Reef Atoll which rises to the surface from a depth of over 2,000 feet. Equally impressive is the Turneffe Atoll which also hosts an abundance of marine life as well as the world famous ‘Blue Hole’ which is situated at Lighthouse Atoll. At Turneffe Atoll several ocean currents converge at the extreme southern tip or the “elbow” of the atoll providing the opportunity to dive through enormous schools of permit, snappers, eagle rays, spadefish, grouper and jacks numbering at times in the thousands. The underwater world of Belize truly exceeds every other Caribbean dive destination in diversity, size and scope.

Jaguar Reef Lodge’s central location provides relatively easy access to thousands of acres of coral reef with unlimited opportunities for snorkelling and diving in Belize.

Our Belize diving services are provided by a reputable team of professionals who will ensure you have a thoroughly safe and enjoyable diving experience. Their many years of diving and teaching experience make them well qualified to show you the underwater wonders that has made Belize one of the world’s top dive sites.

Belize Diving Adventures – Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Rack
Laughing Bird Caye    $ 120.00
Reef Dives (Silk Cayes, Pompion or Ranguana)    $ 130.00
Shark Hole (1 Dive + Snorkel)    $ 150.00
Shark Hole (2 Dives)    $ 160.00
Shark Hole (3 Dives)    $ 195.00
South Water Caye (2 Dives)    $ 160.00
South Water Caye (3 Dives)    $ 195.00
Glover’s Reef (1 Dive)    $ 170.00
Glover’s Reef (2 Dive)    $ 180.00
Glover’s Reef (3 Dive)    $ 215.00
Night Dive (1 Dive)    $ 120.00
Half Day Diving (1 Dive)    $ 110.00
Whale Shark Diving    $ 250.00
Blue Hole    $ 350.00
Lionfish Hunt    $ 140.00

Equipment Rental (US $ 25.00 a day or US $ 100 Week)

   $    25.00

All Prices are in US Dollars and exclusive of Taxes
The above prices are per person rates…

PADI Courses

(includes all instruction, dives, certification card)

PADI Courses Rack
Refresher Class (Dive Rate + US $ 25.00)
Discover Scuba Diving       $ 210.00
Open Water Certification       $ 550.00
Referral from e-Learning       $ 490.00
Referral from Dive Center       $ 440.00
Advanced Open Water       $ 500.00
Rescue       $ 500.00
Dive Master    $ 1,000.00
All Prices are in US Dollars and exclusive of Taxes
The above prices are per person rates…

Dive Equipment Rental

Dive Equipment Rental
Regulator with Computer
Full 2/3mm Wet Suit
Mask, Fins and snorkel
Whole Package
$US (Includes GST)
  • Tanks, weight belts, refreshments and park fees included in above prices.
  • We also include lunch with all of our dives.
  • Divers must bring dive cards. No one is permitted to dive without a valid certification card unless they participate in our Discover Scuba course.
  • Referral students should bring necessary documentation from coursework instructor.
  • Dive schedule changes based on demand and weather

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