Belize is an Ideal Vacation Destination

A Coastal Oasis at Jaguar Reef Lodge

XuntantunichIn a blur of exotic travel destinations, Belize stands out as a beacon of hope. In fact the word Belize itself is believed to have originated from the word “beacon.” This theory stems from several light beacons found along its eastern shore, while a new theory suggesting a larger “beacon” may have once existed in the area just south of Belize, near Lake Izabel, which may have marked the entrance to the great seaport of Atlantis.

Its name is only one of the mysteries that surround this ancient, yet hardly blemished part of the world. Over three thousand years ago an ancient Mayan culture first laid claim to this exotic wilderness, and founded a civilization whose temple remains can be found today by hiking into the lush tropical canopy that blankets this coastal oasis just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

From the nearly 4,000 ft. high mountain peaks to the stunning cayes and barrier reefs; from its archaeological sites and protected national parks, to its marine and wildlife reserves, Belize is an adventure travelers paradise! Jaguar Reef Lodge offers a wide array of tour offerings. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and hiking are amongst the best in the world, and at every step is an unfettered natural wonder for you to explore and immerse yourself into.

Just a few hours from the U.S. mainland or Mexico, Belize is ideally situated to allow you to get out of the rat race in a hurry and start your Belize vacation by transforming your stress into bliss and your worries into excited anticipation.

Jaguar Reef Lodge is a Belize resort that will offer you the pampering and laid back atmosphere you’ve always wanted, but have never quite found so perfect as you will in Belize.